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The Research Centre for Designed Ecology, hosted by the Landscape Department at the University of Sheffield, collects and collates a supporting knowledge base, provides a forum and a network for international connections and contacts, and promotes the capacity of the Centre to deliver research and consultancy for programmes and projects that embrace the Designed Ecology concept. Designed Ecology is the art and science of creating richly vegetated landscapes that deliver a holistic package of social, environmental and ecological urban sustainability.

Our aim is to illustrate the positive impact of Designed Ecology on the many layers of urban landscapes in a way that gathers momentum to drive formal and informal practice and policy.

A key part of our long-term strategy is to proactively seek and respond to opportunities for funding for research projects, dissemination and extension activities, and practical installations. We have the skills, the capacity, and support networks within and beyond the University of Sheffield to actively engage with current and potential collaborators as industry partners, research colleagues and ambassadors for Designed Ecology.


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Concept and Philosophy

The interactions between living things and their environment are fundamental to the philosophy and practice of ecology. Designed Ecology is a novel approach to urban landscapes, using a nature-based design perspective to intervene in what, and how, these interactions between people, communities, biodiversity and their environments occur. Currently, half the world’s population lives in cities … Continue reading Concept and Philosophy

Terms of Reference

We question and debate how other terms and programmes overlap and have relevance to Designed Ecology. As the concept of Designed Ecology becomes more widely recognised, the synergies with each of these will unfold.

Management Structure

The Centre for Designed Ecology is hosted at the Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield, and supported initially by internal resources.


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