Designed Ecology in Practice

The Centre for Designed Ecology (CfDE) is a research hub and information resource, based in the Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield.  The Centre addresses the imperative for a new approach to creating richly vegetated, ecologically functioning urban environments that create healthy cities and liveable places.

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Who’s who

The Centre for Designed Ecology introduces enthusiastic individuals with a stake in what we are doing, and who can, or have, made a clear and positive contribution.

Research portfolio

Learn about past research projects, and follow the progress of current research exploring the philosophy and concept of designed ecology. Research projects coordinated by the Centre for Designed Ecology extend the knowledge base and influence of our multidisciplinary network of collaborators, and research outcomes inform best practice.  Contact us for more details of opportunities for research collaboration.

Information for Inspiration

The Centre for Designed Ecology presents a knowledge base of publications and links – a virtual library collection of reference texts, books, publications and articles.

Case Studies

The Centre for Designed Ecology encourages curiosity about sites that incorporate, or are inspired by, the philosophies of Designed Ecology. Many of these case studies were initiated by research outcomes leading to consultancies for our multidisciplinary network of collaborators.  Contact us for more details of consultancy opportunities.

Events and activities

See what is happening globally in the field of Designed Ecology and allied disciplines

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