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The Dynamic Lanscape

The last quarter of the twentieth century witnessed a burgeoning interest in ecological or naturally inspired use of vegetation in the designed landscape. More recently a strong aesthetic element has been added to what was formerly a movement aimed at creating nature-like landscapes.

The Dynamic Landscape advances a fusion of scientific and ecological planning design philosophy that can address the need for more sustainable designed landscapes. It is a major statement on the design, implementation, and management of ecologically inspired landscape vegetation.

With contributions from people at the forefront of developments in this field, in both Europe and North America, it provides a valuable synthesis of current thinking. Editors: Nigel Dunnett and James Hitchmough.

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens encompass all possible elements that can be used to capture, channel, divert and make the most of the rain and snow that fall on a property. Using the innovative and attractive approaches described here, it is possible to enhance outdoor spaces and minimize the damaging effects of drought, stormwater runoff, and other environmental challenges. Nigel Dunnett & Andy Clayden have created a comprehensive guide to water management techniques for the garden and built environment. Filled with practical, manageable solutions for small and large-scale implementations and utilizing authoritative research with state-of-the-art case studies from all over the world, Rain Gardens is the first book on sustainable water management schemes suitable for students and professionals. 

Urban wildscapesUrban Wildscapes is one of the first edited collections of writings about urban ‘wilderness’ landscapes. Evolved, rather than designed or planned, these derelict, abandoned and marginal spaces are frequently overgrown with vegetation and host to a wide range of human activities. They include former industrial sites, landfill, allotments, cemeteries, woods, infrastructural corridors, vacant lots and a whole array of urban wastelands at a variety of different scales. Frequently maligned in the media, these landscapes have recently been re-evaluated and this collection assembles these fresh perspectives in one volume. Authors: Anna Jorgensen and Richard Keenan

Env HortEnvironmental Horticulture – also referred to as landscape horticulture and amenity horticulture – is the umbrella term for the horticulture that we encounter in our daily lives. This includes parks, botanic gardens, sports facilities, landscape gardens, roundabouts, cemeteries, and shopping centres – any public space which has grass, planting, and trees. A complete and comprehensive guide to an area most of us take for granted, Environmental Horticulture: * Comments and critiques contemporary thinking on the subject * Explores the role, value and application of horticulture in different landscapes * Reviews the importance and impact of horticulture on the wider environment * Covers practical management advice for categories of environmental horticulture such as turf grass, bedding plants, trees, grasslands and green roofs .

A vital resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students, this book is also a valuable addition to academic departments with an interest in green space management and wider environmental issues. Authors: Ross Cameron and James Hitchmough