Who’s who

The Centre for Designed Ecology introduces enthusiastic individuals with a stake in what we are doing, and who can, or have, made a clear and positive contribution.


Nigel Dunnett

Prof Nigel Dunnett is Professor in Planting Design and Vegetation Technology, Dept of Landscape. His research is strongly interdisciplinary, focusing on the interface between ecology, design and horticulture in urban green space environments. Through an active interaction with industry, national agencies, and local community groups, his research focuses on the sustainability of urban vegetation, rainwater management, green … Continue reading Nigel Dunnett

James Hitchmough

Prof James Hitchmough is Professor of Horticultural Ecology and Head of the Department. His research interests focus on the reinterpretation of ecologically based herbaceous vegetation within the cultural context of urban public greenspace. This has resulted in a large volume of research on the creation of various native and non-native meadow, steppe and prairie vegetation … Continue reading James Hitchmough

Anna Jorgensen

Dr Anna Jorgensen is a Senior Lecturer/Director of Research at theDepartment of Landscape, University of Sheffield, and a member of Natural England’s Outdoors for All Advisory group. Her research focuses on social and cultural meanings of urban natural environments and the health and wellbeing benefits of exposure to nature. As the Managing Editor of the … Continue reading Anna Jorgensen

Ross Cameron

Dr Ross Cameron is Senior Lecturer in Landscape Management, Ecology and Design at the Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield. He is a natural scientist specialising in urban green infrastructure and its role in ecosystem services (ES) provision. He is a strong advocate of the functional landscape plant with research activities involving assessment of different … Continue reading Ross Cameron

Kevin Thwaites

Dr Kevin Thwaites is a senior lecturer in the Dept of Landscape with research interests in theory and philosophy of urban landscape design, and their impact on socially and environmentally sustainable approaches to planning and design of urban open spaces.  These general areas of interest converge in Experiential Landscape and Socially Restorative Urbanism, a research … Continue reading Kevin Thwaites

Virginia Stovin

Dr Virginia Stovin was appointed a lecturer at the Department of Civil at Structural Engineering, University of Sheffield in 1995, after spending the previous three years as a research assistant in the Department. Originally a Geography graduate from the University of Manchester, Virginia’s current research focuses on Urban Stormwater Management and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). … Continue reading Virginia Stovin