Research portfolio

Learn about past research projects, and follow the progress of current research exploring the philosophy and concept of designed ecology.

Research projects coordinated by the Centre for Designed Ecology extend the knowledge base and influence of our multidisciplinary network of collaborators, and research outcomes inform best practice.  Contact us for more details of opportunities for research collaboration.


The Woody Meadow

The Woody Meadow, commissioned by the City of Melbourne and lead by Prof James Hitchmough and Dr Audrey Gerber, is a novel planting style which creates resilient urban and peri-urban landscapes for Mediterranean and near-Mediterranean climates.

Magnolias for tough urban biotopes

The aim of this research is to identify the extent to which Magnolia species are capable of tolerating conditions in urban environments under climate change in the 21st Century.

Urban Bess Meadows

A radical new approach to managing urban greenspace: The Urban BESS Meadows experiment.

Landscape structure in Indonesia

Landscape structure & ecosystem services sustainability: Landscape Model Analysis of the Design and Planning of Protected Areas in Bandung Basin.